Inner Dance Intensive

This Inner Dance Intensive is both a workshop for those who are interested to explore the frameworks and interconnections within the inner dance processes AND an introduction to the Inner Dance Energy School.

For anyone who would like to learn more about this "unlearning process" - or are curious about the science, patterns, and correlations woven into this system of interpretation that speaks of Wholeness, interrelationship, and emerging mergers of remembrance and authenticity - this event is for you!

If you are interested to become a facilitator of Inner Dance, this workshop is also a prerequisite for the upcoming Inner Dance Energy School (IDES) process being held in California on January 14 & 15, 2017.
(A second intensive will be held on January 13th for those who cannot attend this Sunday's event but would still like to participate in the IDES)

Energy Exchange for Sunday, December 11 - $65
**If you would like to attend but are in need of financial assistance or scholarship for any of the upcoming Inner Dance events, please contact Serena**

For questions, more information, or to register, please contact Serena -


Registration and payment is recommended IN ADVANCE to reserve your spot!

About the Inner Dance Energy School:
IDES is an experiential learning process for those interested to explore transformation work on levels of healing, energy, brain states, and consciousness. A type of journeying into the mind, IDES reaches deep within the realms of logic and intuition to expand cognition through resonance. Designed as a non-linear system that creates a platform for discovering the multifaceted internal energy system based on the Key of 7, the IDES process unravels and rebirths the energy wave that is always shifting towards an awareness of the unitive state. The learning process takes place in the unlearning of old systems and conditionings that the participant is ready to let go of. It is especially relevant for those who are ready to access their own self as a sourth of truth, power and service. Through this Self-demystification process, awareness and understanding of the underlying scientific and energetic workings of the mind and body grow as participants gain a deeper knowing of Who and What they truly are.
What you will learn about:
• Stages of Transformation
• Brain Wave States & Dreaming Awake
• Cognitive Resonance through Meta/Mesa-Cognition
• The Key of 7 – Color-based Energy Expressions of Body, Mind
& Soul
• Wholeness Learnings
• Sound, Touch, Aroma, and Intuitive Energy Healing
• Facilitating Inner Dance Experience Sessions

About the Facilitator:
Serena, a New York native, has been living in South East Asia since 2011. She began her sojourn into Inner Dance processes in 2012. Her journey has taken her from a bi-coastal lifestyle as an educator in the United States to a teaching position in Malaysia and eventually to an ecovillage in the Philippines. Through an innate connection to metacognitive intuition and heightened states of electricity, especially after being struck by lightning, Serena has dedicated her life to the support and service of globally evolving processes of consciousness awakening and transformation.

Her current travels through the United States began in LA in August 2016 and will end after the IDES in January 2017. Her passion for sharing the Inner Dance is especially rooted in helping seed communities and support systems for those who would like to continue holding space for Inner Dance processes and join a growing global network of Inner Dance facilitators across the planet.

Serena is a global facilitator of Inner Dance processes and is the first facilitator to bring the Inner Dance Energy School (IDES) process to the United States. She is a resident of the MAIA Earth Village, a member of the Global Ecovillage Network of Oceania and Asia (GENOA), a volunteer educator for the Self-Health Empowerment Movement (SHEM) and a representative for the Wholeness Networks of Asia and America. She actively practices shamanism, meditation, and observational awareness techniques. She also studies patterns of the mind in relation to the sciences that structure our life experiences. Serena’s experience as a spiritual teacher and intuitive healer has taken her through numerous modalities and techniques for helping others sense their truth and inner wisdom so clarity and insight builds to support both healing processes and awakening journeys for children, youth and adults.

Sun Dec 11, 2016
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM PST
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The Living Arts Counseling Center
Venue Address
1265 65th Street, Emeryville CA 94608 United States
between Hollis and San Pablo - Enter courtyard and building is on the left. Look for Living Arts Counseling Center sign on the building wall
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